Old Man - An original watercolour portrait by Sheila Noon


Have you considered a painted portrait as a present or a keepsake? Perhaps of friends, children, parents, ancestors, grandchildren, grandparents, teachers, board members?
I will paint your chosen portrait on commission using supplied photographs (see notes below). They can be painted in either oil, pastel or watercolour.
Guidelines for sending photographs

My preference is for my clients to provide me with several photographs (numbered for easy correspondance) but if you have a favourite image you want reproduced then this present no problems either. The reason I ask for several images of the individual(s) is that some photographs may contain better lighting and thus will reseult in a far more dynamic and impressive result.

Any photographs provided should contain a clear view of the individual(s) and interesting lighting if possible. I may not paint all the features in the photograph, such as background detail, so as to obtain the best composition possible.
I sell my portraits but retain the image copyrights.
Pricing of commissioned portraits

As each portrait will be quite different I would like to offer a detailed quote on request. Prices would start from AU$1000 which would include professional framing and freight.

A deposit of half the agreed price will be required before the portrait is commenced. Balance is payable on receipt of the completed portrait.